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Mindful Comparisons

Jennifer Grote

November 6th - January 10th 2021

Opening Reception: November 13th from 6-9 PM

The nonobjective and material nature of Jennifer Grote’s work stems from her interest in what we already know to what is new, and how our brain processes color, shapes, and three-dimensional forms. Jennifer deconstructs experiences and reconfigures a memory using the formal elements of color, form, line, and texture to create images that connect back to the way we process this information, in abstract form.

In the contemplative works in Mindful Comparisons at the Indian Hill Gallery the viewer will engage with a new series of the artist’s paintings. That combined with textural reliefs, and a reflective installation within the gallery space, make for an immersive experience into the artist’s practice. Jennifer’s work creates a formal challenge to engage the mind, pose possibilities, and seek meaning.

Jennifer Grote is an independent curator and artist living and working in Cincinnati. Her environments and roles as wife, mother, grandmother and registered nurse merge and inform her investigation in painting and sculpture. Jennifer received a BFA at The Art Academy of Cincinnati and has exhibited her work locally at the Phyllis J. Weston/Annie Bolling Gallery, Cincinnati Art Galleries, and AEC Gallery.

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