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Cincinnati Through the Years  

A Collection of Paintings from 2017-2022

by Ellina Chetverikova

January 27th - February 18, 2023
Opening Reception: January 27th from 6-9 PM


Cincinnati Through the Years is a collection of gouache paintings by Ellina Chetverikova created in Cincinnati from life and photography during 2017-2022. This collection is created to celebrate the views of Cincinnati while Ellina walks the city in search of places to paint or photograph, while the light quickly changes. This celebration of the every day and every season, Ellina wishes to inspire others as well as enjoy the beauty of our rapidly changing city.


Ellina is originally from Ukraine, and was born in Severodonetsk. In moving to Ohio, Cincinnati became her second native city. During the war that is still continuing in Ukraine, Ellina’s native town Severodonetsk is nearly destroyed, but stays intact in her memory and thoughts. These events have created and even deeper appreciation of Cincinnati in Ellina, and her work becomes a preservation of our old city. We never know how long particular moments with people and cities will last.


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