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                        Sound of Still  

 Tina Tammaro & Leslie Daly

April 16th - June 6th, 2021

Sound of Still pairs the paintings from Tina Tammaro’s, Intimate Series with a selection of Leslie Daly’s sculptural and relief works in an exhibition that contemplates the idea of the sound of stillness- moments, figures, and forms at a standstill.  In combination, we can ponder about their environments or imagine what the forms and environments would sound like.

In this body of work, Tina develops each painting like writing a vital moment in a scene of a play. Where the figures are part themselves/part actors in a drama that comes from an observed moment preserved in a photo or a drawing, but with time transforms into something larger than that moment.

In Leslie Daly’s selected work, the artist uses materials like limestone, green marble, and bronze to create sea and other natural forms. Fascinated with texture and the juxtaposition of materials, color, space and movement, Leslie’s work is an amalgam of things we know and imagine.

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