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Like A Bird On A Wire: A Selection of Contemporary Landscapes
Curated by Rob Anderson

June 2nd - August 12th, 2023
Opening Reception: June 2nd, 6-9 PM

indian hill gallery 

Brian Rego, Mike Bale, Suzanne Dittenber, Scott Ramming, Abraham Storer, Rob Anderson

The freedom of gesture that one is allowed from the landscape is limitless in its range of possibilities. The vast expansive nature of the exterior space encourages the artists to free themselves from the traditional hierarchy constraints often found in figuration. This in turn allows a heightened awareness of the graceful movement throughout the depicted space.  


It is within these unlimited possibilities for invention that the artist can selectively take from the space they find themselves surrounded in and discover the essentials necessary to construct the landscape.   


The show consists of six contemporary artists who utilize the freedom found within the landscape.  All six artists work from direct observation, fully entrenching themselves in the experience of the landscape. 

IHG_Like A Bird On A Wire Showcard.jpg
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