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Sister Honeysuckle 

New Paintings by Lyric Morris-Latchaw

November 18th - January 7th, 2023
Opening Reception: November 18th from 6-9 PM



Lyric Morris-Latchaw is an oil painter and muralist living and working in Cincinnati, Ohio. She moved to Ohio in 2015 after studying art at Northwestern College in Iowa, where she grew up. Her work has been exhibited across the midwest, and has upcoming solo and two-person exhibitions at Wave Pool Art Center (Cincinnati), ROY G BIV Gallery (Columbus), and Kennedy Heights Art Center (Cincinnati).


Through Lyric's vocation as both a visual artist and farmer, her work focuses on imagining and building mutually-beneficial networks of relationships between humans and the plants we spend our lives with.

Sister Honeysuckle features a series of imaginative portraits of common invasive plants found in the Ohio River Valley. The show explores the controversial history and biology of the concepts of “native” and “invasive” species by celebrating and venerating these common plant neighbors that are often demonized and scapegoated. The artist's hope is that viewers will be challenged to reconsider their own relationships with these plants as they consider their own role in shaping and disturbing our ecosystem. What would it look like to manage populations of invasive plants through better understanding their relationship to us as possible sources of food, fiber, building materials, etc.? What role have humans played in creating the circumstances for these plants to thrive around us, and can a species be labeled as “good” or “bad”?

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