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Fred Fochtman

Fred Fochtman is an oil painter, painting instructor and art restorer living in Columbus, Ohio. As a painter, he is interested in working strictly from observation. Fred focuses his process on the measured arrangement of simplified shape and color within a composition. The subject matter that he seeks out is often unremarkable in the context of being picturesque but still contains the essential qualities that are important to his process. As he works through a painting, his mark making becomes more deliberate and those choices serve as both enhancements to the work and corrective decisions. Whether a painting is created over several sessions or all prima, his process remains the same. 


“Franklinton Meadow” and “Outside Vanderelli” were both painted over the last few years in the rapidly changing Franklinton neighborhood, west of downtown Columbus. Due to growth and construction, these paintings capture a view of a historic community that is quickly fading. 

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