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Ellina Chetverikova

Ellina Chetverikova was born in Severodonetsk, Ukraine in 1989. Her love of painting and drawing had developed very early. She was always drawn to represent her surrounding world and loved creating images from life. Ellina moved to USA, Cincinnati OH as an exchange student to pursue her education in Arts, received her BFA from Art Academy of Cincinnati, OH in 2012 and her MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY in 2014.  She received an honorable One-year Manifest Residency in 2016 and Jentel Residency in 2020. Ellina self-published three books with the collection of her recent works in 2018, 2019 and 2021. She has been exhibiting her work at various galleries around the United States and Europe. Ellina is represented by Sugarlift Gallery in NYC. Currently living and creating in Cincinnati, OH.


Ellina's work is grounded in the observation of life. She paints from direct observation finding views while walking or sitting indoors looking out of the windows. She loves quickly changing light, it had been her muse for many years. Ellina dedicates her attention and time to painting nature and man-made structures, in her work she strives to create a balance between them. 

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