archived exhibitions

Vivid Prints: 

Kevin Harris and Saad Ghosn
June 18th - August 8th 

Opening Reception held June 18th, 6-9 PM

Vivid Prints pairs a selection of Kevin Harris’s prints with a selection of Saad Ghosn’s woodcuts in an exhibition that gives us a glimpse into the observations and artistic practices of these two educators and world travelers. Through the bold nature of their work and methodologies— enables us to reflect on their images and scenes, and benefit from their perspectives. Saad’s woodcut prints utilize direct, stark and simplified imagery to convey his message. While Kevin employs a wide range of media and uses both traditional methods and contemporary technology to create his work. 


Kevin Harris explores a variety of themes in his work and views printmaking as the foundation of his practice. In the selection of work on view at the Indian Hill Gallery, we can track his footsteps, explored through varied printmaking techniques. Kevin teaches at Sinclair Community College where he has led courses in Drawing, Printmaking, and Digital Media since 2000. His work is included in the collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum and in many corporate and private collections. 


Saad Ghosn finds art to be potent and motivating. He believes art can inform and challenge, and lead the viewer into thinking and into action. Saad is a native of Lebanon and has been living in Cincinnati since 1985. A retired medical professional and Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati, he is a curator, and the founder of ‘SOS (Save our Souls) ART,’ an organization that promotes the use of art as a vehicle for change, through which he focuses on empowering artists

Exhibition Images

John Sousa, studio shots

Sound of Still  

Tina Tammaro & Leslie Daly

Sound of Still pairs the paintings from Tina Tammaro’s, Intimate Series with a selection of Leslie Daly’s sculptural and relief works in an exhibition that contemplates the idea of the sound of stillness- moments, figures, and forms at a standstill.  In combination, we can ponder about their environments or imagine what the forms and environments would sound like.

In this body of work, Tina develops each painting like writing a vital moment in a scene of a play. Where the figures are part themselves/part actors in a drama that comes from an observed moment preserved in a photo or a drawing, but with time transforms into something larger than that moment.

In Leslie Daly’s selected work, the artist uses materials like limestone, green marble, and bronze to create sea and other natural forms. Fascinated with texture and the juxtaposition of materials, color, space and movement, Leslie’s work is an amalgam of things we know and imagine.

April 16th-June 6th

Questions about artwork? Contact the gallery 513-984-6024 or email

The Seeker 

Winter Selections from IHG

The Seeker, IHG’s winter exhibition, showcases a selection of work from our collection and artists that we feature. Selected works explore relationships between artistic mediums, representation and abstraction and encourages investigation and reflection.

January 15th-March 28th

On view in the gallery, January 15th 2021
Questions about artwork? Contact the gallery 513-984-6024 or email

Mindful Comparisons

Jennifer Grote

November 6th - January 10th 2021

Opening Reception: November 13th from 6-9 PM

The nonobjective and material nature of Jennifer Grote’s work stems from her interest in what we already know to what is new, and how our brain processes color, shapes, and three-dimensional forms. Jennifer deconstructs experiences and reconfigures a memory using the formal elements of color, form, line, and texture to create images that connect back to the way we process this information, in abstract form.

In the contemplative works in Mindful Comparisons at the Indian Hill Gallery the viewer will engage with a new series of the artist’s paintings. That combined with textural reliefs, and a reflective installation within the gallery space, make for an immersive experience into the artist’s practice. Jennifer’s work creates a formal challenge to engage the mind, pose possibilities, and seek meaning.

Jennifer Grote is an independent curator and artist living and working in Cincinnati. Her environments and roles as wife, mother, grandmother and registered nurse merge and inform her investigation in painting and sculpture. Jennifer received a BFA at The Art Academy of Cincinnati and has exhibited her work locally at the Phyllis J. Weston/Annie Bolling Gallery, Cincinnati Art Galleries, and AEC Gallery.